by Herocop

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Spike Miller- guitar, vocals
Jimmy Harrington- guitar, vocals
Luke Schram- bass, trombone, vocals
Joshua Costa- guitar, vocals
Keenan May- drums


released February 28, 2010

Recorded & Mixed by Paurl Walsh- ExEx Audio
Mastering by Brandon Busch @ Sound Media Productions



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Case 1
Hands! On the ground!
Hands where I can see them!
It's all in plain view. Everything comes back to you.
You get what you gave to. There's no such thing as uneven rhythm
Everything fits, I'm betting you know this.
With cannonball fists I'm sinking ships.
I can loosen lips.
Your knees! BAckseat now.
Don't try, you can't get out.
And we struggle, your blood boils, I take it out on you
and it's justice. Taking you downtown.
You're in trouble, you recoil. I'm putting restraints on you and it's justice. Taking you downtown.

Don't resist or be placed among those ones that are wrong.
But oh, to be in your shoes.
No respect for the rules.
Oh to be in your shoes city of fools.

I'm jumping off of a building onto another building.
Constantly on the ceiling.

Tape off the sidewalk.
No one's allowed to cross.
Don't touch anything, this is a crime scene.

Over fences but still losing ground
They are so much faster, it's only so long.
I know it's over but I don't care
It's only walls keeping me from fresh air.
But these walls, they can't contain our thoughts or our plans to do the right thing.

Just ask no reason why and none of you will die.
Case closed.
Track Name: Case 2
Mosely was a manic man, calm and calamity, a manic man.
Axe in hand he ran and ran taking off heads across the land.
Decapitating east to west, necks cut clean by Mosely's best.
Eventually he said that's enough, I'm killing man Moselys cause that's enough.
I'm killing that man.

He searched far and wide, so far
Where could this man be, Mosely
No new victims no more, no more
Was Mosely gone for good?

But Mosely's not gone, it's just round one, he's just begun.
But Mosely's not done it's time for round two, which includes you.
But Mosely's not gone, it's time for round three, which includes me.
Track Name: Case 3
Would you like to come with me back to the station?
Let's sit down and talk about your situation.
Your disregard for conformity has left a mark on me, I'm handing in my badge and gun, joining you on the run.
From the other side I can finally see who's right, it's not me. I'm switching my side because that's whats right.

Let down guard, taking it hard.
If you saw the end, wouldn't you tell your friend?
I know that dying is getting used to things.
Track Name: Case 4
When things need correcting you call us, we're effective.
I'm a detective. Occupation perfected.
Protection and service to the innocent but it's true,
I carry a book of rules and you'll be read your rights and forced into a different point of view.
How safer the streets with the arms taken from you, patrols walking beats/helicopters above you.
If the profile fits we put it in chainlinks, throwing the book at you.
Hard covers come unglued.
Track Name: Case 5
I'm outside and I'm one with the streets.
It's not that I hide, I just keep things discreet.
Details spied, something's pulling my feet.
The sound of crime, and I walk the beat.

The safest of strangers.
And I know you you know but don't come any closer.
Track Name: Case 6
Judgment call.
It's just a judgment call, to protect or to kill us all.