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released December 23, 2009



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Track Name: morning songs
0:03 - not the morning time blues

waking up there's nothing to do. toaster jam, do my drive dance out to school. i see roadkill caught in the drive-through, taking pictures for my friends i'll send em to. and now i'm looking for a quick way out, and i change over on the freeway now. the music's playing, getting really loud. my throat is choking on the lowest cloud.
i don't know what to do. morning time blues. don't nobody choose morning time blues

1:14 - back in a building

i cant wait until i'm back in a building, locked doors and a shut-in feeling. i think there's something wrong, someone set fire to the lawn. some kind of smoke is too strong, and i hope it won't last long.

2:09 - the race

guess you didn't know.
see sometimes i can drive so slow.
get out my throat. you want to test me? yeah really race me? go ahead and test me. i'm getting ready. you want to race me? go ahead and test me, just try me! im getting crazy. you wont erase me.

3:18 - parking lots

when i know that i'm not dead i don't get upset.
well dont i find me saying things i don't mean.
and the parking meter head is never getting fed
well dont you hear him screaming sobbing to me?

pump me full of lead, the bucket in your bed.

4:21 - ripple affect

this is not mine, you are a waste of time. fell in a puddle, came out the other side. survive! this is the end of life as you know it. and you know it.
fell in and never got out
many years ago now

5:26 - the river

i'm slow again, swallowed my best friend. when things begin i feel it like my skin: its hard, i m a pa rt
people dont always want to talk to me
i'm on a bridge now, i am out to see i'm ok with the day, that i could drive all night, be kind and not uptight.

7:22 - disorient

8:13 - kind of trust

and then i saw it, worried little project, just sat there with the same stare.
i tried to solve it but strings can still get knotted if they lay there, just lay there.
the thing i'm walking away from, thinking that i'm dumb

i'm still lying all the time, hiding behind my mind.

10:05 - prisoner

say why is it i'm deceiving that? and what will i say when it is that i am asked?
oh i'll say "sure don't know" though oh, i know.

say why is it i'm repeating that? must be to say something i'm thinking that i cant.
oh sure don't control roads i go.

11:18 - ugly giver

14:17 - not computer love

i think it's true, oh i do, look at how i'm looking at you. it's like when i was in fourth grade looking at space, i was amazed.
computer love.

15:16 - the amazing electric brain

don't fail me, stay normal
it's a lie when i'm mournful.
nothing changes. nothing - wait
don't fail me.

16:40 - chosen frozen

but try not to imagine that i could be wrong.
should i be in a mansion, or keep my living small?
because when i start to touch the things i love i find i'm not touching anything at all.