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recorded in detroit michigan


released June 7, 2008

Andrew Davis helped greatly with percussion and/or recording on tracks 1, 9, 13, and 17



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Worst Enemies
I hope you like piranhas you sad silly bitch.
I'm still in pajamas, je suis un artiste.
It's the day before you die, there are sights you haven't spied.
So I apologize; your two black eyes, that bottle of wine.
There's not enough time to really define this hole in my heart, it's modern art, it's a doctors chart, it's the important parts.
Track Name: escapism... and others
I need a microphone that can pick up everything.
I need a rocketship home that runs on dirt and leaves everything alone, everything I own.
But now I'm losing bone breaking bags adjusting speed and I'm wondering, is this easy?

Save me from who I used to be. I've been climbing around in the same trees with the same needs. Is this a bad dream?
But tasty is how it tastes to me, we suck and we slurp at the same sea, but hey we're thirsty.
It's a curse we all make believe.
Track Name: take turns
The streets are dark. They're painted that way.
I'm making art, it's a rainy day. A million puddles can lead you astray. Follow their way, follow the waves.
If we only take turns, pretend it doesn't hurt
creating curves on the Earth.
If we only take turns
Track Name: push & shove
I think that I'm in love, a girl named mud.
She's hard under the sun. Hard to everyone.
And if you haven't seen her yet it's your loss.
And you're lost because you think that you're in love with push and shove. Someone-else's blood.
You think you are in love.
Track Name: 7-26-07
not today either
Track Name: lightswitch
side of the wall it's not your fault, but you freak me out.
somebody turn this off.
but i know it's on again, it's off again
i know i get up in the morning and i get down at night
and it feels alright. but a fight's a fight, day and night.

forget the wires, move from this town, leave all the things you care about and you'll be better off than you thought that you could be. and you'll be smiling for the dark night and the day light.
Track Name: Nebraska
whoa nebraska, how you doin today? you got your head stuck up a pipe again.
this'll probably be the last time i free ya. after this i'll probably never see ya.
so nebraska, you flew into town with ease. you got tired of spending your time in trees.
looked for trouble and you got yourself stuck, tried to struggle and you broke your neck
fuck nebraska

"never been so high, thrown into the sky i'm so high"
Track Name: mistake song
everyday i'm alone with you
and everyday you're wrong, and i'm wrong too
away is what i need to do with the things that are good to you.
big mistake
Track Name: stay sleeping
are you afraid of yourself when you're lying in bed?
are you blackest stealth under a ceiling fan?
in your perfect health you hardly stand.
you put on the gory-mess disguise.

but now you're taking it off because you feel safe
in your tiny room your secret face will say
"well aren't we all in hell when the feeling's not great"
you stay sleeping just to erase time.
Track Name: okay
we live together, it's okay but we pay the price.
blue sweater fits okay, i have a different size.
and we remember what to say, and how to be nice
and what we sever is okay, just keep it all on ice for a different time.
an awful pleasant surprise like the sun in your eyes
it keeps me alive
Track Name: Buried
a collapsing sound and i laid down. i've been lying around
it's been almost eight months now.

don't forget that i'm still alive, okay.
just deep inside, haven't seen light all day.
"but they're alright, they haven't died" they say
just don't forget that i'm still alive okay?
Track Name: graveyard (pt. II thought balloon)
part one: you're alone now with part two
you you you,
you're a thought balloon.
part two, you're alone now with part three
me me me,
i'm a human being.
i thought you were dead so i played your song, righted your wrong. and when the time was true, i buried you.

and now every step i take is going right to the graveyard
the promises i make, i can't keep, it's just so hard.
and you're an apple baked, heated red you're a dead star.
from pretty far away, i watched you burst into just parts.

and i can see your face now in the shapes of the clouds.
tippy-fingers don't make a sound on your skin inside a crowd.
i pull you around.
Track Name: shape pusher
i try to keep you safe, but all you want to do is push down the shapes and make a smart face like everything's okay.
but i know your secret dreams, i know the mirror screams all day.
and i know at night we say "what am i doing? why do i do it?"
this hanging around here.
Track Name: Backburner
the ocean waits with waves way back and forth onto the beach inside of me. in me onto the beach, free.
is this my horizon? i can't see. is this happening to me?

it's starting to hurt. the flames from the back burner.

but is it impossible? this mystery of faith?
i clung to hospital for days and days.
and days past were not lost at all, just a combination safe
i'll fool with the dials, but i'll be thinking of leaving this place.
i'll come back tomorrow but i'll be thinking of leaving this place.

because what could feel better than change? things should never stay the same. when i feel good i think outside this place. what could feel better than change