Tukwila Mockingbird

by Herocop

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Jimmy Harrington - guitar, vocals
Spike Miller - drums
Joshua Costa - bass, vocals


released October 30, 2010

Recorded & Mixed by Paurl Walsh- ExEx Audio
Mastering by Brandon Busch @ Sound Media Productions



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Joanna Newsong
she's got a medicine chest and you shouldn't ever look in it. and you knew that. you knew there would be a heart in it. black and blue and you knew that you couldn't live with it.
but you did.

and you turn again, door-handle friend.

she's got a fountain head and you blew it. you blew it and got everything wet. and you shouldn't have, you couldn't have known the clock was set.
but it was.

and you turn again, broken clock hands
any good thing never existed.

holding the hard heart on the sidewalk
and chicken head feeds chicken feet
sad to just be scared by real life
glad to look across the street
nothing is on time, somehow i survive.

and i can see you from the sidewalk
even if you're barely there
i can just make out the movements
you are coming down the stairs
riding crimson tide.
somehow i survive.
Track Name: Off The Chain
i fell off the chain, suggestions?

like science of the brain, it's endless.

i think i'd go insane feeling friendless.

but i just need to get some money.
been doing things so unbecoming.
this is not the first time someone fell inside himself
but i think i've got infinity i.q.
i think it's the proximity of you
Track Name: Glial
well it's only life that we like.
protection of the state, the state of electricity
the mind as it's getting light.
the brain can be a paper weight with no heavy feelings,
but now what's this?

this new weight's on us.

how strange it can seem a dangerous thing
the answer to me.

oligodendrocytes are on my mind
they're always there, they're never scared to be unfair
neuro furrow is where they go
you're on my side i don't know why you've got to hide.

oligodendrocytes are on my mind
they don't care if you stare, they're still not there
neuro furrow is where they go
they're hard to find, they hide behind for the whole time.
Track Name: People Who Meet People Are The Luckiest People In The World
complacent, making my breath into smoke rings.
waving, shaking, well i'm not into those things.

saving face, it's easy to win in a one horse race
but you're chasing a rabbit.

waving, shaking
it takes only an ounce of strength
the only ounce you can't make

and you help yourself when times get bad
but it takes a hand you don't have,
waving, shaking.
Track Name: Skull Shaping
i just burned the map
never really had a use for it.
i just dropped the match
and i've already gotten used to it.
i'm passing through it.

if a theory's shit you've got to replace it.
if the particle fits then it must exist.

the blood in your wrists, your skull's new thickness
if it doesn't fit you've got to bend it.

higgs boson what you are,
so far we don't know what you are
(and i just want to know you, boson are you me?)