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Track Name: Yellow Dog (it's not right but it's not wrong)
if the pleasure is in anticipation i'll be a waiting yellow dog.
you know it's crazy how we could all be raisins if we just stayed in the sun too long.
if the weather should turn to raining then i'll be explaining how i can't stick around.

i feel counter-clockwise, the hour's gone.
the earth turns, it's not right but it's not wrong.
Track Name: Speaking Again (it's arresting me)
speaking again, and i'm guessing.
please speak up my friend, because i'm guessing.
we're speaking again, it's arresting me.

and who would've thought that the place you discovered yourself was a drunken dream?
a terrible waste on the grocery shelf with no support beam.
the curious kid with the deathly demeanor, he knows the way to break open the lock, but oh! once you get out it's another cage!
Track Name: On Directing (a way with it)
they want to believe that i'm not sorry, and so i keep my mouth shut.
they want to believe i'm not man, so i cover up my cock my hand.
and i understand what it means to be behind the scenes.

it turns out i can't control my id.
the sheets are soaked, stuck to the bed again.
ask me if i remember it. i re-live it every time i rest my head.
it turns out i'm just an evil kid.
look hard enough, find lies in every single thing that i did.
that time when i was defenseless? well i re-live it every time i rest my head.

and now i watch you run away with it.
you know you've really got a way with it.

they want to believe that i'm not sorry and so i keep my mouth shut. they want to believe so i play along with the lie. and the only time it bothers me is when i go to sleep. the only time that i feel bad, happens every time i rest my head.
Track Name: Really a Robot (is there really a robot?)
where am i at today? where is my home planet?
and what the effff?
this robot in my head is saying the things i said.
and heaven and nature sing
is there really a robot in my head?

the treacherous table is set.
trace the lines of your hand and there's a pet.
any bird from emu to egret, well their heart's too strong to really get upset.
Track Name: Draft Dodger (how it seems)
it wasn't even my fault, that spilled out salt.
i picked it up, i did a favor.
i've got a fly swatter behavior and it's full of holes.

i don't know, could it just be me again?

sometimes i don't know,
is this really a cold wind that i feel? is it real?
everyone here is so warm right now except me.
i can't tell if i'm really in hell.
but everyone here is so warm right now except me.
i don't know, is this really a cold wind that's blowing on me? it's how it seems.
Track Name: A Different Dog (i know)
stuck my heart through the dog door, no i'm not sleeping a lot.
was hoping that i could get more but everything's gone to pot.
alone on the front porch, got his keys in the lock
but not moving forward, there at a full-blown stop
crying man-made tears is a robot.
paralyzing fear, invisible roadblock.

c'mon, it's not like it's a good thing you're giving up on.
c'mon and nod like it's a good thing we can agree on.

but inside, hung up like a jacket
silent, pocketwatch in the pocket.
long speech, training the pet project
short leash, but there's a way to unlock it.

i know the plan, but not if i can.
i've been holding hands with a headless man.
undo the clasp and then just detach,
but it's a black hole dog food bowl, and i don't have to ask.
i know how it will be.
nothing ever comes for free, it takes a piece of me that it buries in the yard.
i'm trying honestly, but how can i clean up a mess i can't see?
it's far away from me, buried in the yard.
Track Name: Cave Builder (mine, not mine)
poor amanda, she almost died at the sight of my pride.
she looked inside and it was gone.
poor alyssa, the almost bride, had the time of her life
but not a wife's, she was alone.
poor cassandra, born without a rhyme or reason to get by.
so you cut the line.

and everything you touch turns to gold
what a beautiful soul, to be able to hold everything you touch now you own. what a beautiful crime.
you take your time, keeping what you find.
and i don't think you'll ever get old
i won't see you die, good friend of mine.

poor elena, the one who tried to leave me behind.
oh she was kind, said i was strong
and that i could build the cave on up.

and everything you touch turns to smoke
but you don't mind, lucky guy
the towel around your throat, no you don't mind
the rain could start to soak, but you don't mind

possession's not easily defined, but i'm holding someone's line. and the answer comes in
"mine! - not mine!"
Track Name: Kind of Trust (prisoner)
and then i saw it, worried little project, just sat there with the same stare.
i tried to solve it but strings can still get knotted if they lay there, just lay there.
the thing i'm walking away from, thinking that i'm dumb

i'm still lying all the time, hiding behind my mind.
Track Name: Confidence Man (now when i need it)
i can only see the right side of the house from my car parked down the way. but i still think that i will see you come out, no matter what my friends may say.
i've gotta gotta get it.
it's good, i've gotta gotta have it.
i know i should, i've gotta gotta knead it with my hands.
i've gotta gotta feel it because that's what it demands.

lost! an ocean and some land.
blocked memory coming back.

maybe i never liked it as much as i could. i started a fire with ruined wood, and if it starts up again? i'll surround just cooling the hot temperment.
i've been asleeping through the arguments, a coward clown who's barely under management.
i was a cash cow, but where am i now?
now when i need it.
Track Name: I Threw Rock Because I Knew You'd Throw Paper (confidence man)
lying through my teeth, i made you believe the wall was painted that way on purpose.
i tried to teach you but you ran away, so nervous.
i brought it back, the only thing i had, and tried to believe it.
i knew it wasn't true, but what could i do?
now i can't leave it.

ooh i used to call you the sunshine, but now i see you, a streetlight coming on in the dark night.
i'll come back in the morning when you're out
staring at your open plastic mouth
and i think you'll shake my hand, i've got no other plans.
confidence man, i am.
Track Name: Meaningless Song (good soul)
it was you who was beautiful, climbing to my place up on the roof. and the view made blindness impossible.
so lift them banners high, that's my heart up on the side.
i look cool and irresponsible, marching with my steps outside of school. my loss for words means i am not able to describe just what it's like, it's too hard to get it right.

so long live the king who constantly sings
"throw it aside if it lacks meaning!"

i got a good soul on layaway, but the time it takes to get attentions paid-- it's impossible
you'd rather just stay awake, the wrong dream could make your bed feel like a grave.
take out good soil for a driveway, well you must replace, cover up the mistakes-- it's impossible
you just make them then stay away because time heals, it's great, isn't that what they say?